Goodbye 2017!

On the first day of 2017, I said to myself ‘New year with new perspective” But that was not a new year with new perspective but a year that was changing my perspective. It was changing my perspective about how I feel, how i think and how I see the world. 

To be honest, change of perspective is not always easy. Sometimes it brings with it so much pain and suffering. Sometimes you feel yourself at the verge of losing sanity and maybe that is why, many people do not get along with new perspective. They live with that same oldperspective for the rest of their life. No matter how wrong that perspective is and how much they have to suffer for it. We all need to have courage to adapt to the changing perspective. You need to have the courage to see the world through different angle. 

Sometimes the most difficult task of human life is to be at good terms with his family. Our family is what we didn’t choose for ourselves but what God had created for us. We have to accept them for who they are and how they are. It is a biggest compromise of our life that we have to make. But it doesn’t mean in our effort to keep them happy we should forget our own happiness. We should do things that makes us happy and makes us feel alive. 

Sometimes rebel is not one who stands up against the flawed system and arrogant people but one who accepts the system and lives the way society dictates but resists inside and works hard to reach the top and changes that system by his authority. If you cannot be the first one then be the second one and change the system in a positive way by your efforts. 

Sometimes success is not what seems to the people as a successful life. Apparently some people’s lives look so perfect and they look so happy but inside they are living a depressed life and what seems to people as a perfect life is actually a fake show that they use to impress the world. Remember a successful life is a contented life and that contentment comes from living a simple and honest life. Don’t dream of luxuries life but a life of hard work. 

The most important lesson of your life that you need to learn is that your happiness lies inside you and all you have to do is to make peace with yourself. Don’t chase people and don’t depend on them to feel good about yourself. Be confident and be who you are and not what people want you to be. Always value those people who helps you in your growth in a positive way and you should play a positive role in the lives of others. 

Remember some people live away from us and we don’t even talk with them but still they have a special place in our life and in our prayers and I feel they are special because even though they are not in our life but they are in our prayers and if you have got such place in someone’s life then trust me you are special.

You should never stop learning. Learn new skills and stay updated. Stay organized and live a disciplined life. Love yourself! Dress well! Spend good time with yourself and trust yourself. 

And Get ready to learn new lessons of 2018.


A letter of hope!

20 December 2017

You think you have to do all the things in your life on your own. You worry about your future, about people’s expectations about you and you are so consumed in this chaos that you forget that you are not Master of your life. All things happen in life as per the will of Allah and all you have to do is to stay strong and trust Allah’s plan. You are not alone and your Creator Will not abandon you because you are His creation. He Will give you success. He Will give you all the happiness that you deserve. A creator who created all the universe in perfect order and with great precision do you think He have forgotten you and left you on your own. No! He controls your fate and He is your Master. Sometimes success is not what is apparent. When you compare yourself with others then you make a biggest mistake of your life because you are not like others. You have your own identity and uniqueness so be confident of who you are and how He created you and always trust His plans. Everything Will be alright if you stay optimistic about your life. Your Lord is so merciful that if you lose hope of His mercy then you are committing a sin.